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Modern Cataract Surgery
Master Class

A One-Year Curriculum

By the key international leaders in Cataract Surgery

** Accredited by the CPD U.K. **



Module 1

The attendee will learn the basics of phaco emulation, pharmacodynamics, and machine settings. They will be acquainted with Phaco tips and the difference between ocular visco devices (OVDs).
Setting the operation room, surgical microscope, and more will be highlighted for a smooth start of phacoemulsification. 
By the end of this module, the attendee will have confidence in performing routine phacoemulsification

Basics & Fundamentals

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** 10 CPD Points **

Module 2

The attendee will the advanced techniques of Phacoemulsification and how to manipulate machine settings accordingly. 

This module will highlight the optical basics of spherical and aspheric IOLs, and when to implant a single-piece or a three-piece IOL. 

The attendee will learn how to manage the incidence of the open posterior capsule and how to adjust the vitrectomy settings.
They will learn how to differentiate between toxic anterior segments syndrome (TASS) and endophthalmitis and management for each of them.

Building the Skills



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** 10 CPD Points **

Module 4

In this module, the optical principles of the current different presbyopia-correcting IOLs will be covered in detail. The attendee will learn how to choose the presbyopia-correcting IOLs for the right patient in a systematic way. With the increasing global demands for spectacle independence, the candidate will learn tips and surgical plans with toric, trifocal, and extended depth of focus IOLs. The attendee will practice a stepwise approach for managing dissatisfied patients after the presbyopia-correcting IOLs implantation. By the end of this module, the attendee will be able to move the phacoemulsification to the next level and start the phaco refractive module of cataract surgery. 

Premium IOLs & Management of Astigmatism

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** 15 CPD Points **

Module 3


This module will discuss managing cataracts in challenging situations. 
The attendee will learn tips to manage cataracts in challenging scenarios like small pupils, rock-hard cataracts, white cataracts, cataracts with zonular weakness, including trauma, and many more.
Biometry in usual and unusual conditions like keratoconus and post-laser vision correction will be covered.
In addition, the course will discuss the applications of femtosecond lasers in cataract surgery and new devices to perform rhexis and mechanical disassembly of the nucleus for safer phacoemulsification in particular situations. 

Advanced & Challenging Situations

Jan 13, 2024
Mar 2, 2024

** 15 CPD Points **

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