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Sinjab Academy Platform for
Allied Ophthalmic Professionals


Discover iOPT, your destination for advanced ophthalmic education. We're dedicated to empowering Optometrists, Opticians, Ophthalmic nurses, and other eye care professionals through top-tier courses. Enhance your skills, ensure superior patient care, and lead in your field with us.

Courses and Education

iOPT offers a diverse range of specialized courses, each tailored to the unique roles within the ophthalmic field. Our curriculum covers essential aspects of ophthalmic care



Master the latest diagnostic techniques with hands-on, practical lessons.

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Patient Preparation

Learn comprehensive strategies to prepare patients for various ophthalmic procedures.


Pre-/Intra-/Post-op Processing

Gain insights into the critical phases of operation, ensuring optimal patient care and successful outcomes.


Patient Safety

Prioritize patient safety with our courses focusing on best practices and emergency protocols.

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