Refractive Surgery Master Class

A 1-year Online Comprehensive Curriculum in Refractive Surgery


Module 2


Laser-based refractive surgery from Basic to Advance.

The course will cover all types including surface ablations, LASIK/FemtoLASIK, and FemtoSMILE. It will also cover all types of laser profiles including standard, customized, and presbyopic profiles. 
The preoperative workup and safety calculations and considerations will be discussed in detail.
International speakers will present how to build a laser profile on different laser platforms.
For more details, see the curriculum.

Laser-Based Refractive Surgery

 May 27th


July 28th




Unique Master Class

Ten Compelling Reasons

The course has a library containing the recorded sessions, supporting scientific materials, and a forum for discussion, where Prof. Sinjab and all participants can ask questions and discuss cases related to the module


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