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AI-Driven insights into Ophthalmology Knowledge

Infinity, a cutting-edge chatbot designed to transform medical research in ophthalmology.
By leveraging a sophisticated Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, Infinity offers unparalleled insights by grounding the answers with published research from an extensive database of over 800,000 research papers published since 2000.
Designed to aid ophthalmologists, allied ophthalmic professionals, and vision scientists in research, Infinity efficiently categorizes and references information, aiding researchers in developing guidelines based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).
Initially focused on ophthalmology Infinity plans to extend its capabilities to cover all areas of medicine and beyond.

Three Interaction Modes With Infinity

Interactive Chat
Engage in a dynamic, follow-up friendly conversation.
Allows for an interactive experience with follow-up questions. Perfect for getting quick answers about topics in refractive surgery in a conversational manner.
Exploratory Analysis
Overview of a specific topic or question.
Provides citied answers spanning one to two pages in length, with around 20 of the highest ranked references.

This mode does not support follow up questions.
In-Depth Analysis
 (Coming Soon)
Extensive answers for comprehensive topic exploration.
Provides extensive answers, covering multiple angles and perspectives across 8-10 pages with 50-100 references.
This mode does not support follow up questions.
Tip: You can dynamically filter the results based on papers publication year. Try:
"What are the recent results of SMILE surgery"
"Based on studies since 2018, what is the correlation between dry eye and LASIK"

Number of Studies in Infinity ♾️ by Study Type

Based on an AI model built by the Sinjab Academy Reasearch Team with an accuracy of 96.6%.

Understanding the Infinity RAG System

At the heart of Infinity lies the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, a specialized AI technology that sets it apart from conventional chatbots by grounding the answers with published research.

Focused Knowledge Base

Unlike typical AI systems that draw from a vast, general pool of information, Infinity's RAG system is trained exclusively on over 800,000 research papers related to ophthalmology. This ensures that every response is grounded in relevant, specialized knowledge.

Contextual Understanding

By analyzing the context of your questions, Infinity can pinpoint the most relevant and the highest ranked studies based on various criteria, to then extract the exact information you need. This leads to more accurate and meaningful responses.

Precision and Accuracy

The RAG system retrieves information directly from these research papers, providing answers that are not only precise but also backed by scientific research with references. This means that Infinity doesn't invent or "hallucinate" information – it delivers facts.

Continuous Learning

Although Infinity's knowledge is rooted in its initial training, the system is designed to incorporate new research papers and findings, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in ophthalmology.

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