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The Secret of The Groove

A Series of Systematic Approach to Modern Cataract Surgery by International Esteemed Pioneers in the Field



11:00 P.M Dubai (GMT +4)

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Basics of Incision and Rhexix Formation

4 April 2021

Ultrasound Power Modulation Basics

16 May 2021

Phacodynamics Basics

13 June 2021

Divide and Conquer for Beginners

11 July 2021

My First Phaco

8 August 2021

Horizontal Chopping

5 Sep 2021

Vertical Chopping

3 Oct 2021

Managing Soft Cataract

31 Oct 2021

White Cataract

28 Nov 2021

Single-piece or Multi-piece, Spherical or Aspheric IOL

26 Dec 2021



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Prof. Ahmed H. Assaf


Professor of Ophthalmology in the faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University, a fellow of the royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh and a consultant of phaco-refractive surgery in Al-Watany eye hospital in Cairo. Cataract surgery with premium IOLs is his primary focus, together with the implementation of Femtosecond laser technology, which consists of about 30% of his total annual volume of cataract surgery.  He started to 

implant presbyopia-correcting IOLs since 2002 and has substantial experience in various designs of multifocal, new trifocal, and extended depth of focus IOLs. He has a particular interest in complicated cataract surgery with intra-scleral haptic 

fixation (ISHF), together with iris repair and different techniques of pupilloplasty.



Prof. Mazen M. Sinjab

MD, MSc, ABO, PhD, FRCO, CertLRS (London)

Phaco-Refractive Surgeon

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